Stream Restoration – Fawn River

Fawn River Restoration & Conservation Charitable Trust is working to restore Fawn River – one of Indiana’s finest rivers – after an event that inundated a five mile section of the stream with over 100,000 cubic yards of organic silt and fine sand, burying the previously pristine gravel and cobble bottom.

Excess sediment is the nation’s leading cause of water quality and aquatic habitat impairment. The diversity, health and quantity of river life is directly linked to both the quality and amount of clean gravel and cobble bottom.

The Fawn River Restoration & Conservation Charitable Trust is diligently working to improve the water quality and enhance the aquatic habitat of this once pristine river.

Streamside Environmental, was contracted by the Trust to implement their Sand Wand™ System on Fawn River. This proprietary technology selectively removes the non-native silts & fine sand material while leaving the native cobble and gravel in place.