Sand Wand™ System

The Sand Wand is a manual operated, where the operator navigates the system over a sediment impacted area. The technology uses a combination of variable water jet and suction removal, offset from the streambed and within a hooded shroud, to selectively remove harmful fine sediments. As surface fines are removed, the water jet is progressively increased to penetrate and remove the fines into the subsurface gravels, to restore clean, native spawning habitat. After restoration, the surface of the streambed appears natural and restored, and core samples show full restoration of critical interstitial habitat.

A two-part pumping system is used to selectively remove only the fine sediment particles, leaving the larger cobbles or gravels in place for aquatic benefit, all with minimal localized turbidity impacts. The pumping system can be mounted on floats in applications where adequate water depth is available or can be placed onshore with containments to be operated from the stream bank.

The Sand Wand system is not for sale but is available as  a complete equipment package for lease to clients/contractors to operate. Streamside also offers onsite training and maintenance of the equipment for the duration of the project for quality assurance of operation and maintenance of any equipment while onsite. These rates vary for sizes of projects and equipment needed, but are set at a daily rate option for project budgeting.

For more information on our Sand Wand, visit our Instream Restoration Services page.

Step-by-Step Process

When determining the feasibility of a project we like to
get answers to the following questions:

→ Determine waterbody in need of restoration and collect the following information,

  1. length & width of affected area
  2. depth of material to be removed
  3. identify type of material (i.e., contaminated, silts/clays, fine sands)
  4. determine site access
  5. ensure waterbody is wadeable
  6. determine a Discharge Method

→ Contact us with the information collected and our team can determine if the project is within our scope of work and also provide you with a cost estimate.  In some cases a site visit is necessary.

→ Contact your local regulators to determine if permits are required.
Streamside is not responsible for obtaining applicable permits.