A sustainable, environmental solution for sediment removal and sediment management projects.  

Our technology can be utilized in rivers, streams, coastal applications, inlets, and other sediment impacted waterways. 

Our process uses the proprietary Sediment Collector, an environmentally friendly and potentially more economical alternative to dredging. This technology operates on the principle that sediment traveling as bedload can be captured by gravity and removed at the natural rate of transport, instead of episodically.

Sediment Collector systems are fully scalable and can provide a wet or semi-dry discharge, depending on the dewatering method. This economical process can provide for a long-term installation with the ability to beneficially reuse the harvested material, therefore minimize or eliminate use of a CDF.


  • Scalable for a wide variety of sediment harvesting applications
  • Selectively capture and remove targeted harmful or excess bedload sediments
  • Capture excess bedload sediment during regular flows or major storm events
  • Lower downstream grade to reduce flooding and reduce sediment deposition
  • Reduce sediment deposition in navigation channels
  • Sediment can be reclaimed, providing an inexpensive source for clean sand