We are developing and patenting cutting-edge technologies to provide the world with the next generation of environmentally friendly sediment removal & treatment systems. Elegant in their simplicity, these technologies provide a innovative approach to sediment removal and are singular in the ability to address sedimentation issues in an environmentally sensitive manner.  Contact us for leasing and purchasing options.


Sediment Collector

Our patented Sediment Collector uses the energy of the stream to selectively capture bedload sediments (fine sands & gravel), which passes through the grate and collects within the hopper.

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Sand Wand™

Our Sand Wand™ is manually operated, and involves a combination of variable water jet and suction removal, to selectively remove only fine sediments from the surface and subsurface of gravel and cobble streams.

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Our Airy-Gator Aeration System provides a way to dramatically increase the dissolved oxygen and circulation. Dissolved oxygen in the water is the key to maintain a healthy, vibrant aquatic environment. 

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