An innovative approach to
instream river restoration

The health of a river – the resource itself – is a measure of success in addressing erosion and sedimentation issues. When preventive measures are inadequate, and sediment impacts to surface waters continue, it is important to mandate high quality restoration. Traditional attempts at sediment removal, by digging it out or by dredging, will frequently aggravate the damage to surface waters by direct biological impacts, increased turbidity and other water quality impacts alongside habitat impacts from unselective removal of coarse substrate materials. 

Streamside offers an innovative method for sediment-impacted habitats using the patented Sand Wand ™ technology. 

Habitat restoration is immediate, whereas natural
recovery could take decades or longer.

Our restoration can increase subsurface pore space, water movement, oxygen concentrations, and provide favorable habitat for fish eggs and aquatic food organisms by restoring the stream bed to a clean native substrate of gravel and cobble. A restoration can thereby restore fish spawning gravels, and improve habitat for endangered mussels and other aquatic life.

Additional applications for this equipment for restoration of sediment-impacted habitat include;

  • Selective removal of targeted sediments, without the negative impacts of dredging
  • Restore sediment-impacted habitat for aquatic life including threatened or endangered species
  • Restore spawning habitat, and improve spawning success and recruitment
  • Reduce impacts from excess fine sediments on fish & macro-invertebrates
  • Containment and removal of contaminated sediments
  • Removal of sediments from municipal stormwater and agricultural diversion systems
  • Protection and restoration of habitat for endangered mussels
  • Emergency spill response to sediment discharge and other contaminants

Streamside does not sell the Sand Wand™ systems, but provides a complete equipment package for lease to clients/contractors to operate. Streamside also offers onsite training and maintenance of the equipment for the duration of the project for quality assurance of operation and maintenance of any equipment while onsite. These rates vary for sizes of projects and equipment needed, but are set at a daily rate option for project budgeting

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